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Central Arizona Landscape Management can create beautiful landscape lighting that will intesify the natural beauty of your home, garden or commercial property. Outdoor lighting can transform a property at night, while highlighting special features. A well designed nighscape will extend the enjoyment of your landscape well into the evening, enhancing outdoor entertainment and relaxation, while providing you with a safer, well lit surrounding to your property.

Landscape Lighting Outdoor Lighing

There are four main types of outdoor lighting that can help you achieve the exact effect you desire.

Uplighting fixtures are aimed upward for accent and drama
Downlighting safety oriented, used to illuminate large areas and/or to define a path
Zonal Lighting highlighting individual objects or plants
Moon Lighting natural effect, evoking light cast by a full moon; fixtures are often mounted in trees, mix of uplighting and downlighting

While safety is a key reason to install an outdoor lighting system, the aesthetic aspect is sparking more and more demand in today's market. Most residential exterior lighting uses low voltage technology which is safe to install and easy to handle by property tenants. Fiber optic technology is increasingly used for its safety around water gardens and pools since there is no electricity directly connected to the fixtures. With over 30 years of experience in outdoor lighting, you can rest assure that Central Arizona Landscape Management is the best choice in helping you transform your property and bring your vision to life by using the outdoor lighting trends you desire.

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